Raku Conference 2022

Raku Conference 2022

The Raku Conference 2022 is the second conference entirely dedicated to the 🦋 Raku programming language.

This year, it takes place online on August 13–14, 2022 (Saturday–Sunday). Still hoping that next year we’ll meet offline.

List of talks this year:

Red, an ORM for RakuFernando Corrêa de Oliveira, 20 minutes; accepted

Step into the cookie jarJosé Joaquín Atria, 20 minutes; accepted

Refurbishing Raku legacy with RakuMárton Polgár, 5 minutes; accepted

Retro Cool RakuGeoffrey Broadwell, 45 minutes; accepted

The Raku documentation website retrofit: past and futureOleksandr Kyriukhin, 20 minutes; accepted

Tools for making your scripts more user-friendlyElizabeth Mattijsen, 20 minutes; accepted

Pod::To::HTML2 and CollectionRichard Hainsworth, 20 minutes; accepted

Looking for clues with rakElizabeth Mattijsen, 45 minutes; accepted

Raku Steering Council Q&AElizabeth Mattijsen, 20 minutes; accepted

Tomtit - Raku Task RunnerAlexey Melezhik, 20 minutes; accepted

Gradual Types for PandasSteve Roe, 45 minutes; accepted

Implementing Machine Learning algorithms in RakuAnton Antonov, 45 minutes; accepted

Postmodernism, futurism, and RakuJJ Merelo, 45 minutes; accepted

The Raku Cup of JusticeChris Jack, 5 minutes; accepted

Welcome to the Raku Conference 2022Andrew Shitov, 5 minutes; accepted

A couple of new modules for database migrations and testing in RakuJonathan Worthington, 45 minutes; pending


The Raku Conference 2022 Online

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